Youths in the News

Joining the UPC Youth Council is extremely important. Hear what YC members are saying...

I feel that alcohol and drugs are becoming too prominent in today's society, and the UPC Youth Council can help the youth make better and more careful decisions.

I think that it is a very good idea to have an organization against underage use of drugs and alcohol because it is an issue in today's society, and I think that an organization could really help to inform and protect people from drugs and alcohol.

I think this is a great cause and would love to be involved in any way that I can.

I like the idea of teens reaching out to other teens because we can all relate to one another.

I would like to help prevent underage drinking and drug usage because I feel that many teens don't realize the true danger of it. Due to peer pressure and cultural trends, I feel that teen views on drinking might be blurred. I would like to help spread the reality of it.

I completely support drug and alcohol prevention. I believe that when a group of young people work together for a unified cause the effect will be much greater.

UPC Youth Council distributes new banners to FCPS high schools.

Become part of the UPC Youth Council

High school students are invited to apply online to become part of our UPC Youth Council and support a healthy lifestyle free of alcohol and other drugs. This is your opportunity to represent youth from your high school as well as Fairfax County. (Download the calendar of meetings for the 2014-15 school year.)

You will earn community service hours while creating plans to solve alcohol- and drug-related issues in your schools and communities. Give youth a voice, stand up for what you believe is right, gain support from community members and make a change!

For teachers and administrators interested in recommending students to Youth Council please fill out the online recommendation form.

UPC Youth Council members took part in a ceremony in fall 2014 unveiling the first sign establishing Tobacco Free Play Zones in local parks. As part of the effort to keep Fairfax County parks clean and tobacco-free, a large group of Youth Council members helped in a Nov. 8 cleanup at Fairfax Skate Park.

Youth Council members also write for UPC's Patch on Prevention blog (see "Youth in the News" to the right), and in previous years have kept busy with the following: 

  • The Youth Council created four new animal-themed posters for distribution during Red Ribbon Week to each middle school in Fairfax County to raise awareness on the prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence use. Feel free to print out and use our posters (giraffe, pug, cat and spider).
  • Representatives of the Youth Council manned a booth at South County Government Center's Back-to-School Kick-Off event to encourage youth to get involved. Our YC representatives attended CADCA's Annual Drug-Free Kids Campaign Awards Dinner to celebrate the importance of youth making a difference in the community. Members even got to meet event speaker and retired tennis great Andre Agassi.
  • The Youth Council received communications and public speaking training.
  • The Youth Council addressed the school board and Board of Supervisors in support of the Parents Who Host, Lose the Most Campaign.

2012 YADAPP Fountain Group Picture

In July 2014, members of the UPC Youth Council attended the annual Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Project (YADAPP) Conference at Longwood University. It marked the third year UPC was represented at the summer leadership conference. This summer UPC Youth Council was recognized as mini-grant award winner at the conference and received $250 to help implement their Strategies to Act Now (STAN) Plans developed during the weeklong event. Congratulations and thanks to our youth for their positive leadership roles.

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